Occupation of our home is imminent……

{ Posted on Oct 21 2015 by Renée }
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Sometime soon we will be going home. We are not going to put a date on said occupation as we are worried we will  jinx it. We have had several dates for occupation that have come and gone and we’re still not home . However, substantial progress has been made and our list of tasks is getting smaller. Our kitchen is under construction with Geoff installing under bench drawer cabinets and we have curtains for the lounge and guest rooms lined up. We’ve even managed to agree on light fittings together, it’s taken awhile but a consensus has been reached.  There is less and less burnt stuff around the place and we’ve organised a contractor to dig the cable trench for power. We’re having less success dealing with Chorus for our phone and internet but we’re on track to be open in early January.

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