Naomi and Ed come for a return visit

We’ve had our very first returning guests come to stay.  Naomi and Ed had stayed with us earlier this year along with some overseas rellies they were showing the sights of the south island to.

This time they’d spent the day walking up the Bealey Spur track before arriving at our place.  The weather was lovely, the sun shining and a clear sky.

Saturday night they watched a scary movie thriller with us, poor Naomi could hardly watch but she was determined to find out how it would all end.  Next morning Naomi reported she had slept very well with no nightmares despite the previous evening entertainment.  Their choice of breakfast was our fruit and nut porridge with organic yoghurt, perfect to fill up on  for a day on the skifield at Mt Cheeseman.




Sunday morning they were off to ski at Mt Cheeseman skifield.