Lee vs The Machine

Our guests Lee and Diane arrived to stay in Arthur’s Pass for a few days and were impressed with our homemade pasta efforts.  Lee is a keen cook and loves to learn new recipes to share with friends. He decided that our fettucine was just the thing to impress his friends with at his next dinner party. So we set to it, making the pasta dough in our breadmaker we added finely chopped and steamed spinach. The dough only takes 13 mins to mix, then we kneaded the dough on a wooden board. At first Lee was surprised that he was having to spend a long time rolling out the dough. Pasta dough needs to be very thin otherwise the pasta is very thick and gluggy and not nice. Geoff and Diane offered noisy encouragement (they were  just thinking about their tummies) but once Lee got the hang of it he was unstoppable.  Such was Lee’s enthusiasm I had to tell him to go easy on the rolling pin as it’s my grandmother’s and of course I am very fond of it!  Before we knew it Lee had rolled the finest fettucine my rolling pin has ever seen.  Lee looked very proud of himself as we ‘ooohed and aaahed’ at the sight of fettucine draped around the kitchen awaiting the boiling pasta pot.

We have never had such beautiful pasta as the fettucine that Lee made and are now so dissatisfied with our own efforts we now own a brand new pasta machine. If you are ever in need of a bed Lee you are welcome to come and stay, free accommodation in return for pasta!